Week 1 – wrap up

Where did the weekend go?…

Just a recap on a couple of days I have missed.

Friday Day 5 – My excuses got the better of me and at 5.15am I hit the snooze button and there was no Spin Class on Friday for me!  Definitely need to work on early mornings JFDI in Week 2.   The day was a bit so, so, business working lunch was difficult (I ate a club sandwich) and was starving for the rest of the day.   Dinner was a repeat of Chicken Biriyani – great fast meal and very filling (sorry no photo).

Saturday Day 6 – Morning cycling yeah!!  after a two week break (due to weather and my cold) back on my bike.  Great ride (only 35kms) and a bit of a struggle, but did it and burnt 1,200 calories.  That is what I love about cycling – big calorie burn.   Last night’s dinner included a glass of wine and the yummy “I can’t believe it’s not Butter Chicken”!  Just love this dinner.  and as it was  SSS day, I had a slice of homemade apple pie (nom, nom).

photo (3)

Sunday Day 7 – After a terrible weather on Saturday in Auckland, the rain cleared and we were out again – this time 46kms – WooHoo and 1,450 calories burnt :).   Dinner was Baked fish and chips in the oven with cold slaw.   Sorry I ate my dinner and then remembered I hadn’t taken a photo hehehe.


Fails – My workouts at the gym – one for the week –  WTF.   So trained three times this week. The following: 1 Spin Class/ 1 road bike ride 35kms/1 road bike ride 46kms.  So what have I planned for week 2 – Monday night a Body Balance Class, Tuesday PT session, Wednesday Spin Class and Thursday PT session.   All in the diary.

Successes:  Cooked all my meals, made my lunch, drank my water!!  Weekend cycling! No Potato Chips!!  Week 1 weigh in – a 600gms loss.

What I learnt week one – I need to be organised and know what I am  having to eat each day, get into Robot mode and JFDI.  Never, ever let the teenager out!  Be consistent!  This is not time to allow the guard down and allow myself to have food that has not been planned.  I have learnt I know I can not be trusted to just have one.  No potato chips (not even one).

And the light bulb moment – I started the week struggling to consume 1.5 litres of water, but by Friday I was drinking 2 litres and not having  trouble drinking water at all.  Drinking water certainly has helped curb my appetite this week.

So that is the week.   Ready for week two and goal is to get my training me.

Have a great week – Gayle


Just a quick update today. Reporting in……  I have been drinking my water and eating the right food 🙂 don’t I sound virtuous!  Just a little over with my daily calories – seems to have been what has been happening this week.  I do find 1,200 calories restrictive, but not time to let the inner teenager out to complain.   It is only day 4 Gayle!!!  As you can probably tell today was lacking in motivation and it has been a struggle.

Tonight’s dinner was a quick chicken stir fry with hokkien noodles – I surprised myself how quickly I whipped it up. My photography is shocking – really, truly it was a lot better than this looks.  Not a 12wbt recipe but at 340 cals ok and it filled the spot.
photo (3)

So tomorrow ……Spin Class 2 for the week (early morning 6am class)!

Stay strong – Gayle

Weigh In Wednesday – Day 3

Up at 5.20am this morning, it was a little of a shock to the system, however good to be back at a Spin Class – hard class, but I did it.  Also meet up with the PT, we just had a chat and made a plan for some sessions next week.  No double training today, however burnt nearly 500 calories.

Dinner tonight was Lamb Biriyani (with a twist – I did it with chicken) yum yum this is such an easy, quick dinner!  Definitely a fav for me (nice and tasty) I highly recommend it.

photo (4)

After 3 days – week 1 weigh in (happy dance)! a loss of 600gms!

What did I learn – if you eat clean you get results! (must ensure I remember this, when times get tough).  They do say that food is 80% and exercise is 20%. BTW I have been drinking my water!  definitely feel better and it was a little easier today to drink the 1.5 litres :).

Stay strong – Gayle

Day 2

I survived! My day was a lot better than other days at off site at meetings……  lunch was grilled fish and salad (unfortunately it came with chips 😦 )  but that was ok only had six and was within my calories.  The struggle was around 3.30pm  and I was rather hungry and tired – I had a warm chocolate cookie! when they were passed around.    Another moment was finding out how many calories I consumed in mints WTF.  Next time before I eat I need to check them out (2 mints) 25 calories…

However,  today I was was just over my calorie allowance for the day – so will take that!

Dinner was round two of last night’s Tikka Chicken – sorry no photo tonight.

So tomorrow my first  PT session!!!  6.00am Spin class and then a PT session – I must be crazy, but looking forward to it.  I have made my lunch for tomorrow (homemade pizza) yummo and have my work clothes all ready to go. hehehe love this..photo

My gym gear is out and ready and the water bottle filled.  So time for an early night 🙂 Hopefully the PT session  will bring back my mojo for the gym – I have a feeling the mojo may come with a little pain!

Stay strong – Gayle

Day 1

Well it has been a mixture of good and bad.

The Epic Fail:

  •  I had planned to do a Spin Class this morning at 6.am and I slept in!  WFT!!

The Good Stuff:

  • I ate my breakfast and packed my lunch for work (including snacks).
  •  I rang the Gym and have a PT appointment at 7am on Wednesday.
  • I drank 1.5 litres  of water
  • I cooked by 12wbt dinner – yummo!  made double batch for tomorrow night
  • Just over my 1200 calories  – feeling hungry but just need to ride this out.

So Day 1 down and although didn’t start out well, I will still give myself a high five for my successes. I do know that getting back to the gym will be challenging, however the PT appointment will help as I can’t not turn up.

As promised Day 1 Dinner:  Chicken Tikka Curry with Cauliflower Mash (nice).  The photo is not very good – it was a lot better than how it looks here hehehe

Day 1 Dinner

Tomorrow will be a red flag day – I am off site at a Management Day and that means lots of snacks and lunch and they always finish on a glass or two of wine.   So my plan is to take some snacks – apple and nuts.  Lunch will be fish and salad and I will have 1 glass of wine (within my calories).   Unfortunately as it is an early start I can’t go to the gym, so another day of no exercise :(.

Wish me luck!!

Ready…. Set…. Go!

If you are tired of starting

Time to be accountable to myself – I have now done 12WBT many times.  At the beginning of last year I had success and lost 7kgs and honestly believed I had what it takes.  Unfortunately keeping this weight off and living a better lifestyle has slowly slipped through my fingers.

Each round since I have signed up again, hung on by my finger nails – did the first few weeks 75% and then stopped.  At the end of each round I was so disappointment in myself, but didn’t really change what I was doing. Also I was so envious of what other’s had achieved and thought – why can’t I do this!  What I did learn is those who achieved their goals were consistent no matter what.

Also, I am so tired of starting again, so this time I have made a commitment to myself to stick with this for 12 weeks.  Easy to say…… but here I go.

  • To blog each day here about my journey (be warned it may not be pretty)
  • To post a photo of my dinner (once I figure out how to do this)
  • To plan my food – going for the easy plan of same breakfast and work lunch with a 12wbt dinner.  Each weekend I will plan my meals for the coming week
  • To drink 1.5 litres of water day
  • To do a weekly plan of my dinners on Sunday night
  • To go to the gym 2 times per week – I am going back to morning spin!!
  • Weather permitting to cycle Saturday and Sunday (they are my SSS’s I can burn approximately 1,500 per ride).

NB:   I am not a writer and my grammar is shocking!